Mango Kiwi Smoothie. Vegan.


Mango Kiwi Smoothie Recipe- Vegan. Gluten Free.  Mango Kiwi Smoothie is a delicious combination of mangoes, kiwi and mint. Being a vegan and gluten free smoothie, it makes a great breakfast and a snack option. It is the season of mangoes here in India. I guess it is the season pretty much every where in […]

Palak Paratha Recipe. Vegan.

Palak Paratha Tomato Blues

Palak Paratha Recipe- How To Make Whole Wheat Flour And Spinach Tortillas Palak Paratha is a simple whole wheat flour tortilla that is made with fresh spinach. Needless to say, i love my greens. We eat all kinds of greens at least twice a week and sometimes, i find myself wishing fervently that i had […]

Pudina Rasam Recipe With Step By Step Pictures

Mint Rasam4

Pudina Rasam Recipe With Step By Step Pictures ( Vegan and Gluten free) Pudina rasam is a refreshing way to enjoy the otherwise boring and everyday rasam. This Pudina Rasam recipe calls for roasting and grinding ingredients freshly unlike the regular rasam that uses premade rasam powder. During summer, it is wise to choose foods […]

Easy Tzatziki Dip Recipe


Easy Tzatziki Dip Recipe And Tips on Making Hung Curd Easy Tzatziki Dip Recipe- Greek dip with yogurt and cucumbers. Summer only spells a few things clearly for me. Watermelon, Cucumbers, Fresh and light salads and plenty of beverages to keep me going are all on that list. Crunchy cucumbers always find a way to […]

Aloo Tuvar Curry


Aloo Tuvar Curry Recipe With Step By Step Photos Tuvar or Fresh pigeon peas is something that i spotted only after coming to Gujarat. I had neither seen nor heard of it when i was in Southern India. It is surprising because we consume a lot of toor dal for that matter. It is indeed […]

Chow Chow Curry

chow chow curryb1

Chow Chow Curry Recipe Chow chow curry is nothing but a simple indian style curry made with Chayote Squash. lentils and coconut. We never find Chayote Squash where i live. So, if someone comes from Chennai or Coimbatore, this squash is something i request to be brought along. Mr.P and i are huge fans of […]

Tamarind Agua Fresca


Tamarind Agua Fresca Recipe Tamarind Agua Fresca. Sounds exotic, eh? But believe me the exotica stops with the name. Tamarind agua fresca is nothing but a mexican drink made with tamarind pulp, cold water and some lemon wedges. I was ambling over at Pinterest the other day for some interesting Cinco De Mayo recipes and i happened […]

Vietnamese Iced Coffee


Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe and A Very Warm Welcome To My Newly Upgraded Site. Yes, you all read and guessed right. I recently moved from blogger to a self hosted wordpress website. I must admit that the move was everything it promised to be- Exciting, daunting, thrilling, exhausting and demanding. The site is not fully […]