Tamarind Agua Fresca


Tamarind Agua Fresca Recipe Tamarind Agua Fresca. Sounds exotic, eh? But believe me the exotica stops with the name. Tamarind agua fresca is nothing but a mexican drink made with tamarind pulp, cold water and some lemon wedges. I was ambling over at Pinterest the other day for some interesting Cinco De Mayo recipes and i happened […]

Vietnamese Iced Coffee


Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe and A Very Warm Welcome To My Newly Upgraded Site. Yes, you all read and guessed right. I recently moved from blogger to a self hosted wordpress website. I must admit that the move was everything it promised to be- Exciting, daunting, thrilling, exhausting and demanding. The site is not fully […]

Fresh Garden Salad Recipe| Salad Recipes


Fresh garden salad is a medley of assorted vegetables tossed in a light dressing. It takes about 20 mins to put it together and tastes delicious on a hot summer afternoon when you really don’t want to eat piping hot sambar and rice. The dressing that goes into it is light and tangy, making it perfect for […]

Zucchini Sweet Pepper Raita


Zucchini and sweet pepper raita is the perfect summer’s delight. A combination of crunchy zucchini, mellow sweet peppers and smoothly whisked fresh curd cannot go wrong, isn’t it? A few vegetables like broccoli, baby corn and zucchini never fail to score with me. While zucchini tastes very similar to the ridge gourd in India, its […]