Pull Apart Rolls

After a month long exam prep and revision with the children, i heaved a sigh today. A relieved sigh i must say. The exams are finally over and i m actually on vacation. To be honest, i ve not even fretted half as this much for my own papers. Gosh.. it s tough to teach any kid who s not more than twelve years old. Believe me on this please and have some mercy on me too… Kids have a talent for doing all the wrong things at the right time. It s always a crisis when the exams begin. Like for example, my neighbour s kid managed to lose his english note book and the paper is tomorrow. Fantastic timing aint it? Now, i hope you all understand why i feel as though i ve visited a very expensive spa and got myself a very expensive pedicure. That s precisely the way i feel now that the exams are over. Sigh…
To celebrate the finish of such a dreaded phase, i decided to loosen up a bit and make something really yummy. You know, like not thinking of the butter and the cheese and the everything. When i m driven by that kind of force, it s very difficult to stop me. I had a huge collection of recipes already waiting to be tried. Some tagged in a few books. Some book marked. So for once, i dint actually google. I flipped through a hundred page journal. And then i found these pull apart rolls.
Rolls that called out to me. I even heard a voice in my head which questioned me very angrily as to why i did not get such good ideas before. I mean for pity s sake, the recipe has been living in my cupboard for the last 18 months. That s a pretty long time. No wonder i heard voices. Shh… dont tell any one. Anyway, today was for indulging. No looking back on the indulgence too.. Pull apart rolls with all the sinful ingredients and that s it. I bake it and we eat it. Oh no baby!! we are not into that calorie counting and recording phase today. If yo are on that phase, (seriously are you?? think again if you are) then i must tell you to stop reading here. Because, like i said, once you begin on swell ideas such as making pull apart rolls, then you cant stop. By the way, this is my first lick at using whole wheat flour in baking. And i neednt have worried at all. They came out beautifully.

Prep Time: 1 hr and 20 mins including the rising time for the dough
Cooking Time: 35 mins
Yields 11 rolls.

(You can use all purpose flour completely instead of the whole wheat flour. These are very versatile in the sense, you can use any filling you desire. You want a healthy version, you can add mixed veggies with a dash of garam masala. Or you can even try potatoes with a hint of ginger, chilies and lime juice.I ve used gouda cheese cos gouda is the in thing in my pantry at the moment. You can use parmesan, cheddar or even feta but mozarella, i wont recommend.  I used a square borosil oven safe glass bake and serve. Feel free to use any shape loaf pan. Just keep in mind that the rolls need some space to spread out. Remember to grease the pan well. I dint and i had to use a knife to pry them out. Let them cool completely. Then invert and cut them into pieces.)

What you need?

For The Dough:

Whole wheat flour 3/4 cup
All purpose flour 3/4
Yeast 1.5 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Olive oil 2 tbsp+ 1 tsp
Warm water 1/2 cup+2 tbsp
Some milk for coating the rolls.

For The Fillings:

Cottage Cheese and Bell Pepper Filling:

Paneer crumbled 1/2 cup
Bell pepper one small chopped finely
Onion chopped finely 2 tbsp
Tomato Ketchup 2 tbsp
Chili sauce 1 tbsp
Cilantro chopped finely 2 tbsp
Powdered sugar or castor sugar 1/2 tsp

Spicy Garlic Herb Filling:

Butter unsalted 3 tbsp at room temperature
Garlic grated 2 tbsp
Gouda cheese grated 2 tbsp
Red paprika 1/2 tsp
Italian seasoning 3/4 tsp
Cilantro chopped finely 2 tbsp

How To Make It?

Let s proof the yeast first. Add the yeast and the sugar to the warm water and set aside for 10 mins.
In the meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, add the flours and the salt and combine well.
You can see that the yeast is frothy on the top once proofed.
Now make a well in the middle of the flour and add the yeast mixture.
Next, add the olive oil.

Now, start mixing the dough until it comes together as one mass without crumbling.
Knead the dough for anoth 3 mins. The dough must be soft and slightly springy to touch.
Take a bowl in which you can see if the dough has doubled and coat it with 1 tsp olive oil.
Coat the dough with oil and place it in the oiled bowl covering it with a clean kitchen towel.
Place this in a warm place and allow the dough to rise. Takes about 1 hour.
Meanwhile,make the filling.
For the paneer filling, place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. That s it and you are done. See easy right? No sauteeing no frying :)
Now, the garlic filling.
Beat the butter for about 2 mins until smooth.
Now, add all the ingredients to the butter and mix well.

Set aside.
Grease a loaf pan with butter and keep ready.
At this stage, all you can do is  wait or you can go finish up that growing mound of dishes. You can even play farmville on facebook. Better yet, read a book or catch up with a friend on the phone. I, however watched one whole episode of Nigella s Feast. You can do that too. :)
Once the dough has risen, knock down the air.
Divide the dough into two parts.
Transfer one part to a clean floured surface and using a rolling pin, start rolling the dough to a thin rectangle sheet say about 12 to 13 inches long. Dont worry about the math too much and dont worry about the breadth too.
Now, take the garlic filling and spread evenly on the rolled out dough.
Once you are done with this stage, start rolling the dough and seal when you reach the end.
Cut the dough into 5 or 6 equal parts. ( i told you, just give the math a rest)
Place them in the greased loaf pan.
Now, repeat the same with the other part of the dough with the paneer filling.
Let the rolled up pieces rest for 20 mins in a warm place until they rise.
Towards the end of these 20 mins, preheat the oven to 180 C.
Now,just coat the rolls with some milk on the top. You can even add sesame seeds to them as a topping.
Place the pan in the oven and bake for 30 to 35 mins.
You will see the beautiful golden crust once its done.
Take it out and cool on a cooling rack.
Then, cut them into pieces and store in an airtight container.

Enjoy with a nice hot cup of tea or, this is summer so may be some watermelon cooler would work great



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