Street Foods Round Up

 My apologies first. For posting this round up so late. March has been busy for me. In fact busy is an understatement. It s been a long run or rather a marathon. Exams, guest, exams and some more guests. And to top it off, linky tools did not make life easy on the blog either. They went from being free to paid subscription and that change caused a lot of mayhem in my events. I lost the collection database but thankfully, i had a back up on my lappie. Thank God my brain functions at least a little. Pardon me again for doing this round up without the pictures. I dont have pics of all your wonderful entries and if i decide to collect it from all of you, then i know i m never going to post the round up. I received 56 beautiful entries from all of you and that s an overwhelming response for my first event. Pav bhaji, ragda pattice and pani puri topped the list. And that did not come as a surprise because i know they are all unanimously loved. Or should i say universally loved.  I know i ve not done enough justice on this round up. But please do excuse me and bear with me. I ve announced the give away winner here. Congrats to Priya of Priya s easy and tasty recipes on winning the give away for her yummy raw banana fritters. And thank you everyone for being so understanding and tolerant about the delay in posting the roundup. And thanks a million for all those smashing entries you sent my way.


Hoping to see many more entries for my new event Summer Spirits running from march till end of may.


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