Mango Milkshake

My sincere apologies first. For not visiting a few spaces that i love. I have too many things on my plate at the moment and that s why devoting time to blogging has become a fantasy all of a sudden. I promise, i ll get back to you all soon and will read up on all your piquant and divine posts.
      In the meanwhile, it s not like i m not stepping into my kitchen. Of course, i subject my skillets and pans to my tyrannical attitude tirelessly. Almost like a matron who never forgets to admonish her wards.I mean, how can i not? I really do not if i ve been in love with any other non living entity on the earth s surface other than  my kitchen. I mean, i m smitten. There s no calling quits to cooking or whipping up something quick in the kitchen. Come rain, come hail, come snow. Or like the weather here, come shine. :)

  I ve been making really quick on the stove things. Today s recipe does not even require a stove. I mean heck its not even a recipe. It s one of those things that you make in a pell mell. You dont even know what or how much of what s going into it. But you land up with something gorgeously delicious anyway. Assuming that you all have your basket of mangoes and milk ready( you do have them, dont you? If you dont then you are not being fair and square to this scorching summer) Having prepped up all that, lets whizz and make some shake, shall we?

Prep Time: Under 20 mins
Cook Time: Nil
Makes about 2 glasses

( It s one of those kinds where how much of whatever doesnt matter. Feel free to alter the proportion of the mangoes to milk. I ve used 1.5 cups cos we like our shakes thick. So that we can dunk our rotis in and take a yipee lick. If you want a little thinner shake, then maybe use about 3 cups milk. Adjust sugar accordingly. The choice of mangoes play a vital role in getting this right. Choose mangoes that are sweet and juicy. The ones that are a deep yellow make awesome shakes. And use any sugar for this. You can even try cane sugar or agave nectar. By  the way, dont skip the curd. It gives a lovely subtle tang to the shake.)

What You Need?

Juicy ripe mangoes medium sized ones 2 peeled and chopped into chunks
Milk 1.5 to 2 cups
Curd 1/2 cup
Sugar or honey to taste

Ice cubes to serve.

How To Make It?

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend to a smooth puree.

Serve chill topped with ice cubes.
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