Announcing Black And White Wednesdays Week 40

I never knew world in black and white could be this exquisite until i came across Susan s Black And White Wednesdays. Ever since i ve known about it, i ve tried to click food pictures in black and white. And when Susan announced that slots were open to guest host Black And White Wednesdays, i whooped in joy. I m so happy to tell you all that i m guest hosting Week 40 of the Black and White Wednesdays.
A Bowl Of Cereal To Beat The Morning Blues
I will be posting the gallery of pictures culminated for Week 40 on the 11th of july. I will accept entries till 11:59 P.M Indian Time 10 th July. All you have to remember is 
  1. Your photo must be of a culinary nature. Not essential that it has to be a dish or an ingredient.It can be of even a menu card of a hotel or a sign board that s related to food.
  2. Post a picture of culinary nature on your blog anytime through 4th july to 10th july.
  3. The photo must be in black and white.  Photos can also be in monochrome, sepia or gray scale.   Color photographs are not accepted. Photos tinted with any color are also not accepted. 
  4. The photo must be 600 px X 400 px either orientation is accepted.
  5. You must email me your picture along with your name, blog name, the link to your BWW post and if possible, a suitable caption for your picture to the address The subject line of the email being BWW Week 40.
  6. Your emails must reach me on or before 11:59 P.M. IST 10 th July. I m really sorry but i m not accepting late entries. 
This week s Black and White Wednesday is hosted by Susan and you can view the gallery on her blog. Looking forward to your lovely pictures in my inbox.


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