Baking Insights- From Regalia To Rubbing The Flour

A close friend.More like my best friend recently bought an Oven Toaster Griller on my recommendations.When she called me to ask which oven she should be considering, i was more than happy to share my wisdom on oven buying. And then, ever since she bought the oven, the phone has been ringing off the hook.She s made like God knows how many calls to ask me about baking, pans and all the regalia that she would be needing to become a good baker. I know i m not a fantastic baker or something. But i ve learnt aplenty

in these 2 years of my baking flings. And her calls sort of made me think that people all around the world, people who are just beginning to explore the nuances of baking might have the same questions that i had when i began as a novice. People like me who are just on the threshold of discovering the true joys of making that perfect pie crust or some fondant will have the same questions that i ve had. So i thought why not write a post compiling what ever i ve learnt so far. I hope this is of some use to all of you guys!
  Baking is a science. Not as complex as rocket science though.But rest assured.You ll get the same kick.There are some things that you must remember to get that perfect moist cake or those cute crunchy cookies. I ll probably do this like a series. Today, i ll share some grass root level research i did on baking and buying stuff for baking.So shall we begin?

The Right Pans:

It s essential that you buy the right pans.I will not recommend buying all shapes and size pans before you have perfected atleast 2 or 3 recipes. And pans come in various sizes and shapes.If you are a beginner baker, then these are probably enough to sail you through your first few cakes.So what will you need?

1. 9″ round cake tin 
2. 9″ round cake tin with a detachable bottom.If you can find a springform pan,then great. A spring form pan is basically used for baking cheesecakes in general.But having one helps because you can detach the cylindrical part of the pan. You dont find these easily in India.So even a detachable bottomed pan should work fine.
3.8″ square cake tin
4.6″ round cake tin
5.Cupcake moulds/ Muffin pans

Measure It Right
Baking s something that you cant do at eye levels.You must measure your ingredients precisely. You dont have the right measurements and you land up with the wrong kind of cake or cookie that you wanted. So measure them right and you get that cake that will make people wide mouthed.

Get A Whisk!

Oh yeah you heard me right! Get a whisk. Any whisk will do for that matter. Nylon or steel but not plastic cos that does not give that much needed grip. A whisk comes in a great deal handy. You combine with a whisk. You mix evenly with a whisk. You whisk with a whisk. And a whisk is a much cheaper option than an electric whisk. Obiviously the latter is better but in case you are the baby in baking, then just invest in one sturdy whisk for the meanwhile.

Search for that spatula!

A spatula s a must when you are baking. To scrape the batter. To give the batter that nice fold you require. To scrape down the sides of the bowl. And the best part is to lick it after you make the cake batter! :)

Grease your tins and line your pans!

Yes.This is a technicality and is probably the secret to getting those cakes and cookies out of the mould without prying them with a fork or screwdriver. (Just kidding!) So stock up on parchment paper or butter paper.

Slice them proper!

You want a drool worthy cake? Then invest in good knives which will give you a neat piece when you slice it. A blunt knife will give you a cake that looks like the alps with all its ups and downs. Getting me?

Well, this is just about the cake. We still have the cookie, the pie and the icing to come. Shall we save that for the next week??


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