Black And White Wednesdays Week 57

I owe a million apologies to all my readers and contributors to the Black And White Wednesdays presided over by Cinzia. I ve been on a long hiatus. Its been days of gloomy mood, irritation and sickness. I m slowly getting over it and i thought i shall begin by posting the delightful gallery that i ve for you for week 57, BWW season 2

Akheela of Torviewtoronto sends us the delicious tea she brewed in monochrome.

Cinzia of Cindy Star Blog, The New Admin of BWW screams out loud her love for pasta and desserts with her pictures.

Siri of Cooking With Siri shows how therapeutic kneading dough can be.

Susan Of The Well Seasoned Cook in halloween spirits sends us this cute Plaid Clad Butternut Squash. If he is this cute, how can someone eat him??

And finally from me, a small contribution to this lovely gallery.

                          A Heart In My Muffin


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