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The past few days have been increasingly difficult in my life. ( Read its time for lots of dessert to make me feel better) Well, i m sorry that this post has to begin with a rant but then, you know, when things are difficult, i d like to say so. It makes me feel better. And no its not because of the weather or some serious looming threat. Its just that suddenly life feels like its gotten on a jet plane and doesnt want to stop anywhere for a pit stop. It feels like there is so much to do but so little time. Essentially, i ve been regretting wasting a lot of time in the past. Its not nice when the guilt swoops down on you, no?

Well, so that s it. Ever since i got that jet plane feeling, i ve been acting as though someone hit the fast forward 10X button in me. And i ve become that cranky monkey who doesnt want to get along with anyone for no reason. Come on, please tell me, you have some of those days too. To put an end to that cranky monkey phase, i knew i needed to put my feet up and take a deep breath. Plus i must gorge on plenty of desserts. Which is precisely why i went to town and whipped up this uber delicious creamy dense kulfi. Please excuse the pictures. I found it quite a task to capture these yum beauties in this sweltering heat. Nevertheless, this kulfi is to die for. If you are one of those folks who like the authentic saffron and almond kulfis, please do try this. This will change your mind for sure!

Recipe For Butterscotch And Raisin Kulfi
( Learn to make butterscotch and raisin kulfi, a creamy dense dessert served as a popsicle.)

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 20 mins
Freeze Time: Overnight
Makes 6 kulfis
Allergy Info: Soy free
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Fusion 


Milk 1 c ( see notes)
Condensed milk 1/4 c
Butterscotch chips a handful
Raisins a handful
Corn flour 1 tbsp
Water 2 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp
Salt a small pinch
Popsicle moulds  ( see notes)

1. Use high fat milk for a thicker creamier kulfi.
2. In case you dont have popsicle moulds, pour into a freezer safe container that s large enough to hold the mixture. Freeze, slice and serve topped with some butterscotch chips.
3. The amount of sugar varies on how sweet you want your kulfi to be. I found 2 tbsp enough but feel free to adjust


In a pan, combine condensed milk, sugar, milk and butterscotch chips.
Mix well.
Heat and bring to a rolling boil.
Once it comes to a rolling boil, add vanilla and turn the flame to medium.
Now keep stirring the mixture until all butterscotch chips are melted fully.
Once done, combine corn flour with water and mix well.
Add this to the mixture and mix well.
You will find that the mixture thickens immediately.
Give it a nice stir and cook for 1 min on medium flame.
Once done, switch off and let cool for about 15 mins.
After 15 mins, stir in the salt and raisins and mix well.
Pour into moulds and freeze. ( see notes above)
An hour later, stick popsicle sticks into the moulds and freeze overnight. ( I dint use these sticks as my moulds have sticks in them)
Before serving, immerse the moulds into water for about 1 to 2 mins.
Unmould and serve immediately.


  1. says

    i for one surely go through the cranky monkey phase !!! this too shall pass and in the meanwhile gorging on desserts sounds a sure-shot way out of the woods. the kulfis looks a killer :)

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