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Hi Friends,

I am Anusha Praveen, all of 27 years old and happily married for two years  four and half years
now and is a proud mom of a bubbly little daughter A. You will find that i mention Little A, my daughter and Mr.P, my husband quite a lot in my posts. Obviously, they are pretty much everything in my life. Okay. There are other things too. Like books, chips and playing a good game of scrabble. Oh, did i tell you? I love watching medical dramas and growing my own herbs. I have a fetish for stuffed toys, swings, owls, turtles and earrings. I have all kinds except for a turtle though. Well, i dont own an owl either. And i only have one swing. I enjoy eating on the streets. I also happen to be a huge breakfast person. My favorite foods ( if you are expecting chocolate or mangoes, you are in for a disappointment) are Japanese cakes, a specialty of my home town Coimbatore, Bombay sandwiches and anything that has mushrooms in it. I m slightly obsessed with keeping things organised and clean. I guess this is it. I mean there s more but i guess this much will do for you and i to stay friends.

What do i do?

I studied to be an advocate and aspired to work with under privileged children some day. But not all dreams materialize immediately. I always believe in making the best of today. So  i cook, click, read, paint and enjoy travelling while i m not taking care of Lil A.

When did i start cooking? Why A Blog? 

I began cooking two years  four years ago. Yes. You heard me right. I ve not even so much as lifted a ladle before my wedding.  Once married, i realised i had a knack for it and enjoyed cooking tremendously. I wont tell you that there are family recipes, cooking traditions and yada yada. My mom was working so i pretty much grew up eating granny’s food which wasn’t much gourmet fare. But it was always simple home style meals cooked with lots of love and affection. I’ve come to realise in the last few years that simple wholesome meals cooked with love, dedication and passion are more appealing and delicious that any meal that has about a million things but no love. So yes, all my efforts in cooking are done with immense love and a profound sense of commitment to please the person who eats it, in this case being Mr.P for now. I m sure Lil A will join the club soon. If i have to sum it down, this blog is not about preserving family recipes and such but more of a memoir of all my cooking efforts, experiences and experiments. While chronicling my efforts in the kitchen is the main objective of the blog, i also try and share some authentic Madhwa recipes that i have grown up relishing.

What Inspires Me?

Any one who cooks well inspires me. I believe that there is something to be learnt from everyone s ways. And i have picked up a trick or two from all those good cooks that i know. I m known to refer and follow various blogs and recipe websites before i try something out. All recipes posted on Tomato Blues have been tried, tested and tasted in my kitchen before they find their way here.

What about your pictures?

As for photography, i just enjoy photographing food. I m still an amateur when it comes to food styling but i thoroughly enjoy the whole process of cooking, setting up, styling and clicking food. I use a Nikon D5100 camera with a 50mm prime lens for almost all my pictures. I have worked really hard to get where i am when it comes to photographing food. So any form of copying or theft of photography for any purpose will not be treated lightly.

Is This Blog About Healthy Food?

I wont say i m a health freak. I simply believe that anything and everything, when eaten in moderation, can do one no harm. This space is not where i try and give every recipe a healthy tag or twist. But i do make sure that my recipes have a fair share of veggies in them. And millet too. So yes while this is not a blog completely dedicated to healthy food, my take on food is almost always healthy. To put it succinctly, i enjoy my samosas fried and not baked. So while i wont change the frying, i may change the filling. You got me, right?

What Kind Of Nutritional Information and Allergy Information is Available Here?

While i dont or rather cant provide the calorie breakdown or nutrient break up for  a particular recipe, you will always find allergy information provided under each recipe under the title ” Allergy Info”. I also provide substitutes if and when possible to make a recipe vegan or gluten free.

Are You Vegan? Are You A Celiac? 

The answer to both is no. I love my yogurt. I love my parathas. But then my blog has recipes suited for both- people who are lactose intolerant and people who are Celiacs. All recipes which are vegan and gluten free are clearly mentioned as such under the Allergy Info.

Why aren’t all your recipes written with step by step instructions?

Without beating about the bush, i ll give you the answer in only so many words- i have no time. I used to teach a bunch of kids earlier and now with Lil A in tow, prepping up a decent post is a big task. So lets just say, step by step instructions have been pushed to the back burner for now.

How Many Cookbooks Do I Own? Where Do I Get Recipes From?

Well, i dont  own many cookbooks. But Google is always a trustworthy friend. I collect recipes from everywhere. Literally everywhere. I once had a woman at my doctor’s office giving me weird looks when she saw me madly scribbling a recipe for a soup on a piece of paper ( which happened to be my prescription) from a magazine that i was browsing. You get the idea, don’t you?

I tried a recipe from your blog and it failed. What do i do?

You can write to me about what went wrong. Enclose a pic if you can. I ll surely try and help but i wont be able to do much if you haven’t followed my directions precisely or used the right amount of ingredients mentioned. For example, i wont be able to do much if you used 1/4 c of butter in place of the mentioned 1/2 c of butter in a cake recipe. It surely would be a disaster then.

What else do i write on the blog?

Apart from recipes, i share product reviews and some crazy ideas that i get occasionally. I also share my experiences in travelling and parenting when time permits. If you want me to review a product or write about it, please mail me at anusapraj@gmail.com

Can i copy stuff from Tomato Blues?

If you want something from my space, do ask. I m usually sweet enough to share with people. Its ok if you make a recipe from my blog and dont give my blog as a reference but plagiarism or copying photos from the blog is not acceptable. Any form of reproduction of content or images in this blog, when found, will be viewed seriously and necessary legal actions will be initiated.

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